Deploy insect traps
Sticky traps in orchard

Deploy sticky traps in your fields or orchards using the MyTraps mobile app to mark trap locations.


Scouting gets simpler
IPM scouting

Enter pest counts, scouting notes, and lure reminders in your smartphone or web browser.

IPM scouting iPhone app IPM scouting Android app


Track & visualize pest populations easily!
MyTraps IPM scouting application

Track pest data, lures, and pesticide applications from a single application! Easily visualize populations and locate hotspots.

MyTraps is straight-forward to set up. I use the timeline and map to share how populations
    change over time in various regions across the state

Jim Jasinski

Dr. Jim Jasinski
Associate Professor, Extension Educator
Integrated Pest Management Program Coordinator

No internet in the field?

The MyTraps app lets you enter data in the field even
if you don’t have an Internet connection.

Data is saved to mytraps.com the
next time you open the app and
have a network connection.

Sort by distance

The nearest traps stay
at the top of the list
as you walk through
your fields.

Easily find traps

Use your phone’s
GPS to guide you
to your traps.

Get lure alerts

Never forget to
change your lures.
Record your lure’s life
and get notified when
it needs to be changed.

MyTraps makes it easy for me to rapidly enter pest data in the field on my smart phone.

Larry Hull

Dr. Larry Hull
Pest Management Consultant
Professor emeritus, PSU

MyTraps for Consultants

Use MyTraps to communicate your value to your client.


Organize fields
and orchards
by client.

Share your work
with clients

Send clients a read-only
link to their data.
Share once. The link
is always up to date.

Manage Permissions

Manage permissions for
your managers, scouts,
and crop advisors.

Custom Branding

Keep your clients
in contact with your

MyTraps.com provides me both a numeric and visual perspective of an orchard's pest activity.

Allan Fetters

Allan Fetters
Director, Technology
J.R. Simplot Company